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Microsoft (R) TracePDB.Exe (6.1.7600.16385)
© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

TracePDB creates TMF files from the specified PDB file. If you specify
an image file, TracePDB finds the PDB file for the image and then
creates a TMF file.

TracePDB.exe [-f <PDBFiles>] [-s] [-p <TMFDirectory>] [-v] [-c]
TracePDB.exe -i <ImageFiles> [-r <SymbolPaths>] [-p <TMFDiretory>] [-v] [-c]

-f <PDBFiles> - Source of trace formatting instructions.
Valid wildcards are ? and *.

-s - Recursive. Creates TMF files for all PDB files
that match -f in all subdirectories of the -f path.

-p <TMFDirectory> - Output file location (directory only).
Default=Local directory.
Do not specify a file name; the file name is the message GUID.

-i ImageFiles - Image Files for which to find PDBs and creates TMFs.
Valid wildcards are ? and *.

-r <SymbolPaths> - Path to private PDB symbol files. Default
is %_NT_SYMBOL_PATH% or srv*\\symbols\symbols.

-o <TmfFile> - Name of sigle tmf file output
Will generate a single TMF file

-c - Generate TMC files.

-v - Verbose.

Default values.
<PDBFiles> <LocalDirectory>\*.pdb.
<TMFDirectory> Local directory.
<SymbolPath> %_NT_SYMBOL_PATH% or srv*\\symbols\symbols