Devcon устанавливает драйвер
В качестве данных на вход ему подсовывается inf файл. inf файл - это ВСЕ. Там прописываются все компоненты драйвера , все, все, все.

Сразу коды возврата , т.е. ERRORLEVEL:
0 Success
1 Requires reboot
2 Failure
3 Syntax error

devcon.exe install C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\src\serial\serial\objchk_win7_amd64\amd64\serial.inf *PNP0500

devcon.exe install C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\src\serial\VirtualSerial\objchk_win7_amd64\amd64\virtualserial.inf UMDF\VirtualSerial

так не проходит
devcon.exe install C:\DEVELOPMENT\DRIVERS\mydrv1\objchk_win7_amd64\amd64\drv1.sys

C:\Win10-drv-src\serial\VirtualSerial\ComPort\Debug\virtualserial>devcon help
Device Console Help:
devcon [-r] [-m:\\]  [...]
-r           Reboots the system only when a restart or reboot is required.
    Specifies a remote computer.
    Specifies a Devcon command (see command list below).
...     One or more arguments that modify a command.
For help with a specific command, type: devcon help 
classfilter          Add, delete, and reorder class filters.

classes              List all device setup classes.
disable              Disable devices.
driverfiles          List installed driver files for devices.
drivernodes          List driver nodes of devices.
enable               Enable devices.
find                 Find devices.
findall              Find devices, including those that are not currently attached.
help                 Display Devcon help.
hwids                List hardware IDs of devices.
install              Install a device manually.
listclass            List all devices in a setup class.
reboot               Reboot the local computer.
remove               Remove devices.
rescan               Scan for new hardware.
resources            List hardware resources for devices.
restart              Restart devices.
sethwid              Modify Hardware ID's of listed root-enumerated devices.
stack                List expected driver stack for devices.
status               List running status of devices.
update               Update a device manually.
updateni             Manually update a device (non interactive).
dp_add               Adds (installs) a third-party (OEM) driver package.
dp_delete            Deletes a third-party (OEM) driver package.
dp_enum              Lists the third-party (OEM) driver packages installed on this machine.

Примеры :

devcon.exe help status 
devcon.exe status *
devcon.exe classes
devcon hwids *
devcon hwids *ACPI
devcon find *port*
devcon find *

Devcon hwids *Virtual*

    Name: PuertoDeLena COM-TCP (COM34)
    Hardware IDs:
1 matching device(s) found.

Devcon find *virtual*

ROOT\PORTS\0000     : PuertoDeLena COM-TCP (COM34)
1 matching device(s) found.

Devcon classes (именно эти имена надо передавать в функцию SetupDiClassGuidsFromNameEx , например Ports)

Listing 61 setup classes.
WCEUSBS             :  
USB                 :  USB
Media Center Extender:  Media Center
PnpPrinters         : IEEE 1394  SCSI-
Dot4                : IEEE 1284.4 
Dot4Print           : IEEE 1284.4  
CDROM               : DVD  CD-ROM 
Computer            : 
DiskDrive           :  
Display             : 
fdc                 :   
hdc                 : IDE ATA/ATAPI 
Keyboard            : 
MEDIA               : ,    
Modem               : 
Monitor             : 
Mouse               :     
MTD                 :   
MultiFunction       :  
Net                 :  
NetClient           :  
NetService          :  
NetTrans            :  
PCMCIA              : PCMCIA 
Ports               :  (COM  LPT)
Printer             : 
SCSIAdapter         :   
System              :  
Unknown             :  
FloppyDisk          :   
Processor           : 
MultiPortSerial     :   
Memory              :  
SmartCardReader     :   -
Sensor              : 
VolumeSnapshot      :     
BiometricDevice     :  
1394                : -  IEEE 1394
Infrared            :  -
Image               :   
TapeDrive           : 
Volume              :   
Battery             : 
HIDClass            :  HID (Human Interface Devices)
Sample              : Sample Device
61883               :   61883
STLinkWinUSB        : Universal Serial Bus devices
LegacyDriver        :   
SmartCard           : -
SideShow            : Windows SideShow
SDHost              : -  
Transfer Cable      :   
AVC                 :  AVC
MediumChanger       :   
SBP2                :  SBP2 IEEE 1394
XnaComposite        :   (Microsoft)   Windows
SecurityDevices     :  
SmartCardFilter     :  -
CNCPorts            : com0com - serial port emulators
Bluetooth           :  Bluetooth
WPD                 :