BUILD: Version 6.1.7063.0

Usage: BUILD [-?] display this message
        [/#] force _objects.mac to be regenerated
        [/0] pass 0 generation only, no compile, no link
        [/2] same as old /Z (only do a 2 pass build - no pass 0)
        [/3] same as /Z
        [/a] allows synchronized blocks and drains during link pass
        [/b] displays full error message text (doesn't truncate)
        [/B [baseline]] Checks the build failures against a baseline
                If there is no baseline,terminates the build on the first error
        [/c] deletes all object files
        [/C] deletes all .lib files only
        [/D] check dependencies before building (on by default if BUILD_PRODUCT!= NT)
        [/e] generates build.log, build.wrn & build.err files
        [/E] always keep the log/wrn/err files (use with /z)
        [/f] force rescan of all source and include files
        [/F] when displaying errors/warnings to stdout, print the full path
        [/g] Display warnings/errors/summary in color
        [/h] Hide console output
        [/G] enables target specific dirs files iff one target
        [/i] ignore extraneous dependency warning messages
        [/I] do not display thread index if multiprocessor build
        [/j filename] use L'filename' as the name for log files
        [/k] keep (don't delete) out-of-date targets
        [/l] link only, no compiles
        [/L] compile only, no link phase
        [/m] run build in the idle priority class
        [/M [n]] Multiprocessor build (for MP machines. Max. 64)
        [/n] No SYNCHRONIZE_BLOCK and SYNCHRONIZE_DRAIN directives
        [/o] display out-of-date files
        [/O] generate $(O)\_objects.mac file for current directory
        [/p] pause' before compile and link phases
        [/P] Print elapsed time after every directory
        [/q] query only, don't run NMAKE
        [/r dirPath] restarts clean build at specified directory path
        [/s] display status line at top of display
        [/S] display status line with include file line counts
        [/t] display the first level of the dependency tree
        [/T] display the complete dependency tree
        [/$] display the complete dependency tree hierarchically
        [/u] display unused BUILD_OPTIONS
        [/v] enable include file version checking
        [/w] show warnings on screen
        [/x filename] exclude include file from dependency checks
        [/X] generates XML log file
        [/y] show files scanned
        [/Z] no dependency checking or scanning of source files -
                three passes
        [/z] same as /Z
        [/why] list reasons for building targets
        [/sharedpch] ignore pch time stamp during dependency check-
                     has no effect with /clean

        [/386] build targets for 32-bit Intel
        [/x86] Same as /i386
        [/ia64] build targets for IA64
        [/amd64] build targets for AMD64
        [/arm] build targets for ARM

        [/jpath pathname] use L'pathname' as the path for log files instead of "."
        [/nmake arg] argument to pass to NMAKE
        [/getperf] do not generate the build performance
        [/findBottleNecks] Finds perf bottlesnecks during build and logs the
                        state of build during these bottlenecks
        [/getslowestdirs] [N] Gives the N slowest dirs in the tree.If N is
                                 not provided it defaults to 10
        [/skiptestcode] Skips sources marked as TEST_CODE=1
                Can also be set by defining BUILD_SKIP_TEST_CODE=1
        [/DirInclude:[!]<type>,<type>]. Build includes (or excludes)
                directories of the types listed in <type>.
                Types are specified in dirs files.
                Valid types are Product, Test, Tool
                /DirInclude:!Test,Tool = Build all but Test & Tool
                /DirInclude:Test = Build only test
                Can also be set using BUILD_DIRINCLUDE=
        [/ManifestCompilation] Just compiles and validates manifests
        [/nosqm] Do not report build usage data to Microsoft.
        [/VerifySync] Validates synchronization. Detects duplicate or
                 non-existent produce macros, wrong ordering, etc.
        Non-switch parameters specify additional source directories
        * builds all optional source directories
        ~<DirName> Excludes all the directories with name equal to DirName
        !<Relative path\DirName> Excludes just the exact directory specified
.        The path given is relative to Dir from where build.exe is launched
*************** build ***************