cl.exe компилятор от MicroSoft

Для среды "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86 смотрим ключи компилятора cl.exe. Ибо тут очень много важных моментов.



/O1 minimize space                      /O2 maximize speed
/Ob<n> inline expansion (default n=0)   /Od disable optimizations (default)
/Og enable global optimization          /Oi[-] enable intrinsic functions
/Os favor code space                    /Ot favor code speed
/Ox maximum optimizations               /Oy[-] enable frame pointer omission


/GF enable read-only string pooling    
/Gm[-] enable minimal rebuild
/Gy[-] separate functions for linker    
/GS[-] enable security checks
/GR[-] enable C++ RTTI                  
/GX[-] enable C++ EH (same as /EHsc)
/EHs enable C++ EH (no SEH exceptions)  
/EHa enable C++ EH (w/ SEH exceptions)
/EHc extern "C" defaults to nothrow     
/fp:<except[-]|fast|precise|strict> choose floating-point model:
    except[-] - consider floating-point exceptions when generating code
    fast - "fast" floating-point model; results are less predictable
    precise - "precise" floating-point model; results are predictable
    strict - "strict" floating-point model (implies /fp:except)
/Qfast_transcendentals generate inline FP intrinsics even with /fp:except
/GL[-] enable link-time code generation /GA optimize for Windows Application
/Ge force stack checking for all funcs  /Gs[num] control stack checking calls
/Gh enable _penter function call        /GH enable _pexit function call
/GT generate fiber-safe TLS accesses    /RTC1 Enable fast checks (/RTCsu)
/RTCc Convert to smaller type checks    /RTCs Stack Frame runtime checking
/RTCu Uninitialized local usage checks  
/clr[:option] compile for common language runtime, where option is:
    pure - produce IL-only output file (no native executable code)
    safe - produce IL-only verifiable output file
    oldSyntax - accept the Managed Extensions syntax from Visual C++ 2002/2003
    initialAppDomain - enable initial AppDomain behavior of Visual C++ 2002
    noAssembly - do not produce an assembly

понимание /G важно при подключении внешних библиотек, особенно если файлы были *.c, а подключаем в *.cpp!

/Gd __cdecl calling convention          
/Gr __fastcall calling convention
/Gz __stdcall calling convention        
/GZ Enable stack checks (/RTCs)

/QIfist[-] use FIST instead of ftol()   
/hotpatch ensure function padding for hotpatchable images
/arch:<SSE|SSE2|AVX> minimum CPU architecture requirements, one of:
    SSE - enable use of instructions available with SSE enabled CPUs
    SSE2 - enable use of instructions available with SSE2 enabled CPUs
    AVX - enable use of Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions instructions
/Qimprecise_fwaits generate FWAITs only on "try" boundaries, not inside "try"
/Qsafe_fp_loads generate safe FP loads


/Fa[file] name assembly listing file    
/FA[scu] configure assembly listing
/Fd[file] name .PDB file                
/Fe<file> name executable file
/Fm[file] name map file                 
/Fo<file> name object file
/Fp<file> name precompiled header file  
/Fr[file] name source browser file
/FR[file] name extended .SBR file      
 /Fi[file] name preprocessed file
/doc[file] process XML documentation comments and optionally name the .xdc file


/AI<dir> add to assembly search path   
/FU<file> forced using assembly/module 
/C don't strip comments                
/D<name>{=|#}<text> define macro
/E preprocess to stdout                 
/EP preprocess to stdout, no #line
/P preprocess to file                   
/Fx merge injected code to file
/FI<file> name forced include file      
/U<name> remove predefined macro
/u remove all predefined macros        
/I<dir> add to include search path
/X ignore "standard places"


/Zi enable debugging information        
/Z7 enable old-style debug info
/Zp[n] pack structs on n-byte boundary  
/Za disable extensions
/Ze enable extensions (default)         
/Zl omit default library name in .OBJ
/Zg generate function prototypes        
/Zs syntax check only
/vd{0|1|2} disable/enable vtordisp      
/vm<x> type of pointers to members
/Zc:arg1[,arg2] C++ language conformance, where arguments can be:
    forScope[-] - enforce Standard C++ for scoping rules
    wchar_t[-] - wchar_t is the native type, not a typedef
    auto[-] - enforce the new Standard C++ meaning for auto
    trigraphs[-] - enable trigraphs (off by default)
/ZI enable Edit and Continue debug info 
/openmp enable OpenMP 2.0 language extensions


@<file> options response file           
/help print this help message
/bigobj generate extended object format 
/c compile only, no link
/errorReport:option Report internal compiler errors to Microsoft
    none - do not send report                
    prompt - prompt to immediately send report
    queue - at next admin logon, prompt to send report (default)
    send - send report automatically         
/FC use full pathnames in diagnostics   
/H<num> max external name length
/J default char type is unsigned        
/MP[n] use up to 'n' processes for compilation
/nologo suppress copyright message      
/showIncludes show include file names
/Tc<source file> compile file as .c     
/Tp<source file> compile file as .cpp
/TC compile all files as .c             
/TP compile all files as .cpp
/V<string> set version string           
/w disable all warnings
/wd<n> disable warning n                
/we<n> treat warning n as an error
/wo<n> issue warning n once            
 /w<l><n> set warning level 1-4 for n
/W<n> set warning level (default n=1)   
/Wall enable all warnings
/WL enable one line diagnostics        
 /WX treat warnings as errors
/Yc[file] create .PCH file              
/Yd put debug info in every .OBJ
/Yl[sym] inject .PCH ref for debug lib  
/Yu[file] use .PCH file
/Y- disable all PCH options             
/Zm<n> max memory alloc (% of default)
/Wp64 enable 64 bit porting warnings


/LD Create .DLL                         
/LDd Create .DLL debug library
/LN Create a .netmodule                 
/F<num> set stack size
/link [linker options and libraries]    
/MD link with MSVCRT.LIB
/MT link with LIBCMT.LIB                
/MDd link with MSVCRTD.LIB debug lib
/MTd link with LIBCMTD.LIB debug lib